• Dog Walking: Safe and Reliable Tools

    Dog Walking: Safe and Reliable Tools

    As we all know, one of the most common ways of exercising your dog is taking them for walks. Have you ever considered the gear you use for your best friend during these walks?

  • Male Teen Equestrians

    Male Teen Equestrians

    My passion for horses started about 3 years ago.  It started innocently enough when my neighbor brought her Friesian to her home barn. I started going over there, learning to groom, muck stalls, scrub buckets and anything else to further my horsey knowledge.

  • Behaving for the Vet

    Behaving for the Vet

    Having your horse calm and respectful for the vet is important for everyone’s safety. Even if your horse seems to be relaxed and calm about most things, they can become unpredictable and stressed for unpleasant but necessary procedures.

  • How to Greet a New Dog

    How to Greet a New Dog

    At some point in your life, you will meet a dog who doesn’t know you. Learn how to introduce yourself the right way without overwhelming the dog.